Community leadership

Members of The Kenney’s Board of Directors are among our community’s most dedicated civic leaders. Thanks to their volunteer commitment, The Kenney is able to maintain its position as one of Seattle’s most secure and comfortable retirement communities while also ensuring our financial stability and market viability. An adopted Values Statement ensures that The Kenney Board of Directors:

  • Expects all directors and employees to exhibit honesty, integrity, fairness, accountability, commitment, respectfulness, selflessness, reliability, morality and stewardship.
  • Views the Kenney as a Christian-principled service organization for the senior community.
  • Implements the vision of Samuel and Jessie Kenney as set forth in her Will to the fullest extent.
  • Treats all individuals with dignity, respect and recognition of worth.
  • Is committed to the positive care and development of residents, employees and directors.
  • Upholds family values in its extended role as care providers.
  • Believes in and supports the sanctity of life.
  • Respects the authority of government and management and will positively respond to applicable laws, regulations, codes and instructions.
  • Recognizes its financial responsibility and accountability.
  • Encourages thoughtful stewardship of the organization, its people and its resources through creative solutions to sustain the environment and reduce waste.