A community that cares

When Samuel and Jessie Kenney envisioned a community to serve people comfortably and securely ’til the end of their days, they never would have dreamed of turning their backs on those who could no longer afford to pay for their care. Neither can we. That’s why The Kenney Foundation was created.

Many factors can lead to the depletion of financial resources for retirement – wide-ranging fluctuations in financial markets, miscalculations in planning, financial emergencies, even just living longer than expected. When residents find that their resources have been depleted, the Foundation steps in to help. The Resident Care Fund – supported by tax-deductible contributions from caring individuals and families – offers support to residents in need.

Just as in any community, here at The Kenney, we help our neighbors. The Foundation makes it possible for anyone to lend a hand when our residents need it the most. Learn more about how you can make a tax-deductible gift.