Brain Games

Do you think that crossword puzzles and word search games are nothing more than mild entertainment that help pass the time? Think again. Those affordable and easy-to-find games are likely one of the keys to staying mentally sharp as you age, at least that’s what numerous studies have shown. Brain games, as well as other mentally stimulating leisure activities play a crucial role in one’s ability to maintain cognitive abilities as one gets older.

Perhaps you’re someone who has taken the daily crossword for granted. Then again, perhaps you’re now realizing that you’ve been doing it for 10 or 20 years now and, unlike some of your peers, you’re actually quite sharp for your age. Who would’ve thought that playing a game by yourself would be so extremely beneficial to your health?

At The Kenney, residents are afforded many ways to keep sharp with brain games. There are wellness and fitness programs. Now, you’re probably thinking, “that’s physical wellness,” and while it is, if you learn new exercises you’re also training your brain. Libraries, the Internet, craft opportunities, classes, educational seminars, board and card game gatherings, intergenerational activities and more encourage our community members to flex the brain a bit in different ways as well as provide additional wellness.

Since brain games can improve your skills of memory, reasoning, and the speed of processing information, one would be foolish to not incorporate some games into their daily lives. Doing puzzles, trying new hobbies, playing instruments, playing board games with peers and grandchildren, as well as those well-known card games, are all beneficial for the brain and social and fun too!