Is It Time to Move Into Assisted Living?

Everyone enjoys the comforts of home, but as we age, remaining in the home can be challenging. Sometimes the best option for keeping an aging loved one safe, as well as mentally and physically healthy, is moving to an assisted living community. A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), like The Kenney in West Seattle, offers a variety of living options for seniors.

Residents at The Kenney benefit from continuity of care from longtime staff members who get to know and understand them over the years. Transitioning from one level of care to another is less stressful for both residents and their families because residents remain in the same familial neighborhood.


Consider your loved one’s overall nutrition and whether they are eating healthy, balanced meals regularly and have fresh, nutritious food in their home. Can they get around safely? If they have unexplained bruises or minor injuries, that may indicate they have recently fallen or had an accident. If the individual is struggling to remember when to take medications correctly, or have stockpiled or expired medications, that can be a red flag that it may be time to begin researching assisted living facilities in your area.

Other indicators include the inability to regularly bathe and groom adequately, wash their clothes/towels/linens, or operate household appliances. Forgetting to turn off kitchen appliances whenfinished cooking or not wearing fresh, clean clothes when you visit can also be indicators that they are unable to stay in their home.

Assisted living communities like those offered by The Kenney can help your loved one engage in hobbies or activities that they enjoy, as well as build friendships, which can be especially important for someone who may have been living alone. Moving to a CCRC can help keep your loved one healthier, safer, and happier!

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