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Giving to The Kenney

Commitment to care, our community, and our residents is our daily focus.


These are the values that drive The Kenney Foundation and have from the day it was formed. We enhance the lives of residents by providing financial support to The Kenney; a retirement community that helps seniors reach optimum health through personalized services, care, and housing.

That means our daily focus is on our residents and how we can best help them to live the good life in West Seattle! As people age, their financial resources change. There may be many reasons that seniors find their retirement assets depleted through no fault of their own.

Sometimes emergencies wipe out personal savings; other times financial markets suffer substantial losses. Often it is as simple as people living longer than they expected—the bottom line is that our founders, Jessie and Samuel Kenney, would never have dreamed of turning their backs on seniors without financial means—and neither will we.

That’s why we created The Kenney Foundation.  Anyone can help seniors in need. Neighbor helping neighbor—isn’t that what a community really does? Learn more about how you can make a tax-deductible gift that enhances life, promotes dignity and respects the unique seniors in our midst.

Individuals and businesses support this historic community each day.  Won’t you join them? 

Inspire hope.

Give joy.

Honor the past.

Anticipate the future.

That’s what we do. Every day.

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